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Persia Baptist Church
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Persia Baptist Church
Kevin Wisecarver
 telephone:  423-620-9042
2018 Persia Baptist Church Goals
From Pastor Kevin
Not just during 2018, but for the rest of our lives, let us live in obedience and faithfulness to God and His Word.
Let us love God, love others, and take the glorious Gospel to the nations.
Let us NEVER grow complacent. We can do that by trading God’s plan for our lives for something that is familiar. Also, we show complacency when we spend our lives stuck in a pattern. We settle for good, when God wants us to have His best. We receive God’s best and His blessings when we are obedient and faithful to Him and His Word.
Let us be DIFFERENT. Let us be CHANGED.
Let us be involved in godly and biblical activities that require us to totally rely upon God. When finished, let it be said, “There is no way humanly possible that we did that. That was totally a God thing!!!” When others see what God is allowing us to be a part of at Persia Baptist Church, they realize and see the power of God working in our lives. It is not about any of us, it is all about God and for Him to receive all praise and glory!!!
Let us be set apart and walk the walk, talk the talk, and dress the dress.
Let us not just hear God; but let us LISTEN to God.
I praise the Lord for what He has done, for what He is doing, and for what He is going to do among His people at Persia Baptist Church. I’m expecting God to do God sized things at Persia Baptist Church during 2018. I’m thankful God has allowed my family and I to be a part of what He is doing here. I am thankful for every person in our church. I love you all. It I a joy and an honor to be the pastor of Persia Baptist Church.
Pastor Kevin

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